Lifelong Connections, Endless Impact.

Keeping the iDFY memories alive.

Whether you were a part of the original chapter in 1991, attended IYS as a camper, or proudly boast a 10-year-camp-streak, chances are, iDFY holds a special place in your heart. Join the club that never forgets the memorable times you had while also supporting teens who are yet to experience the magic.

Join the ’91 Club

It’s not an alumni club without you in it.

Is iDFY apart of your story? Are you proud to call yourself Idaho Youth Summit alum? Were you a member of a chapter? 

Join ’91 Club today and be a part of preserving the cherished memories and ensuring that the spirit of iDFY continues for generations to come.

Become a member of the ’91 club with an annual donation of $19.91. 

Join the Club

To join, make your donation of $19.91 using the form below. We will follow up with a few questions about your involvement.

Joining is easy! Fill out the simple donation form below. We will follow up with a “thank you” and details about your involvement in iDFY.

Club '91 is made up of people who have been positively impacted by iDFY. Many of our members are passionate about "saying thanks" for the iDFY experience they recieved. $19.91 is a tangible gift that makes doing the work of iDFY possible. But it's also more than that. $19.91 is also a token of gratitude and a desire to remain connected. Club '91 Membership connects the past to the present, continues the legacy, and ensure many more life-changing moments for Idaho teens.

Your annual donation helps underwrite the Idaho Youth Summit. 95% of campers receive financial assistance, and donations cover the cost of making camp magical.

Your donation will help cover:

  • camper scholarships
  • high-quality speakers
  • the lake cruise
  • the things that make camp "camp" like legacy projects, warm fuzzy bags, and commemorative t-shirts
  • youth and adult staff volunteer costs

These elements are an important part of making IYS the best youth prevention camp around, ultimately empowering teens to choose to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

IDFY’s 501(c) (3) status entitles donors to claim a deduction for those contributions on their federal and state tax return. IDFY also qualifies for an additional Idaho tax credit directly reducing a donor’s tax liability. Corporations may take a 50% credit for contributions up to $1000, but cannot exceed the smaller of (a) 10% of their Idaho income tax before credits and other taxes or (b) their Idaho tax before credits and other taxes less credit for contributions to Idaho educational entities and investment tax credit. Please consult with your tax advisor for
information concerning your situation.

As a member of the '91 Club, you will be honored on our website and at the Idaho Youth Summit. As a valued member, you'll get an exclusive pass to the '91 Club Alumni social media group and an exclusive invitation to Alumni Afternoon at the Idaho Youth Summit. Additional surprise perks will be announced throughout the year.

The heart of the Idaho Youth Summit is the people! Is there a skill, passion, or talent you can contribute at the Idaho Youth Summit? We are always looking for volunteers to serve as staff, present a workshop, or provide a keynote. Club '91 members also receive special invites to Alumni Events at IYS. Reach out to for more details.