What is Prevention?

Simply put, substance use prevention is the idea of empowering teens to stay substance free until adulthood. We do this through supporting your teen while they find their passions, encouraging them to hold leadership positions, and encouraging them to belong to something bigger!

This isn’t your typical “don’t do drugs” speech. We believe in enhancing the skills of teens to ensure healthy choices are made in all aspects of their lives. We work to support protective factors while lowering risk factors. Protective factors can be anything from a strong commitment to school, being involved in extracurricular activities, to having high self-esteem and a strong sense of self.

Our programs work to change the culture around drug use. We work in schools, communities, and with each individual participant to strengthen their personal commitment to being substance free. Click on our programs to learn more!
How to talk to your teens about substance use:
Talking to your kids about drug use can seem obscure or overwhelming. We believe the best way to start the conversation around substance use is to ensure a strong foundation of trust is within your family. Check out the below tips to begin the conversation with your teen:

Communicate with openness and honesty

Highlight the positive in them

Be flexible, but play an active role in their life

Practice active listening

Establish family agreements together

Continue talking with your teens as they get older

Choose informal times to talk, such as in the car or while watching TV

Be clear and consistent about your expectations regarding drug use

Let them know you care and are always there for them

Check in frequently to see how they are doing

Peer Pressure can be powerful, make a plan with your teen about how to handle situations involving drug use. Think of action steps, people to call, and practice together.