What is an i2i
Through an interactive and engaging three, or up to six hour program, IDFY facilitators lead an assembly of students through a variety of activities and discussions that are designed to draw diverse students together, create conversation, and help students see eye to eye. Once students see eye to eye, they become more compassionate and understanding. i2i culminates in a sense of mutual support, which leads to healthy decision making and positive change. Through i2i, walls between students break down and they become open to succeeding and seeing others succeed.
I2is recognize that the best way to ensure students are living happy and healthy lives is by creating true, authentic connections with their peers. When students feel like they belong, they do not need to turn to negative substances to find a place.Through the i2i program, their school becomes a place of belonging. I2is are partnered with support services for school administrators and parents, encompassing students in a community that encourages them. Wanting to learn more? Contact our team at hello@idfy.org
Cost: i2is ate $1,500 plus travel fees. Our team strives to provide high quality, low cost opportunities for communities. If you are interested in the program but struggling with the price, please contact us!